The Hungry Heart, Frances MetzmanTHE HUNGRY HEART STORIES is a short story collection that deals with the universal search to fill a void. Fran Metzman, co-author of UGLY COOKIES, serves up a plate of quirky and disparate characters in these captivating stories.

A grieving husband in the darkly funny “Right Seasoning” conjures up his deceased wife’s presence in the beloved kitchen they once shared.

From “My Inheritance” tells of a grown daughter, trying to find the love and peace she has always craved with her dying mother to “Getting Closer”, the story of a woman left with the violent legacy of food that defined her life – we find the characters reaching the low points and triumphs of human emotions.

Particularly poignant is the story, “The Reunion”, about a woman born into poverty who reaches the pinnacle of success but with questionable sacrifice.

Each of the twelve stories and one essay incorporates food as a means to some end or fulfillment.

“Fran Metzman’s short stories are a feast, dig in and devour them quickly. Story after story, they will tease your palate, fill you with emotion, and keep you longing for more. Each character comes alive. This is a beautifully written book.” – Gloria Mindock, Cervena Barva Press

“In Fran Metzman’s collection THE HUNGRY HEART STORIES we meet mothers and daughters, lovers, career women, wives and husbands, and feel that we know them all.” – Joy E. Stocke, founder & editor-in-chief of Wild River Review and author of A MEMOIR, ANATOLIAN NIGHTS DAYS & NIGHTS

THE HUNGRY HEART STORIES is an apt and striking title because it reveals what centers this short story collection – the need for the heart to find sustenance and the gathering at a meal which is so often the intersection of our lives. Metzman is a deft storyteller who gets into her characters to reveal them and tell us something about the world we live in.“ – Peter Krok, author of LOOKING FOR AN EYE

Ugly Cookies, Frances MetzmanUGLY COOKIES, a mainstream romantic comedy, explores family relationships and how they affect love, careers and marriage. Bridget Bernstein is a thirty-two year old social worker dominated by her mother, a woman who has made a fortune selling ugly cookies. When Bridget breaks into her ex-boyfriend’s apartment, a comedy of errors leads to disaster. The fall-out sends Bridget on a hilarious journey of self-discovery. In her search for love and spirituality, she meets Carson McAlister, a conservative banker who has left his midwestern roots. Their worlds collide, reshaping their lives in ways they never imagined.

“A quirky mainstream comedy–clever and well-imagined.” – Diane McKinney–Whetstone, best-selling author of TUMBLING

“These are the kind of heroes I want as friends – spunky, smart and socially conscious.” – Rachel Simon, author of THE MAGIC TOUCH and THE WRITER’S SURVIVAL GUIDE

“UGLY COOKIES is a wildly funny tale of romantic and family entanglements…” – Gloria Hochman, co-author with Patty Duke of the New York Times Best Seller, A BRILLIANT MADNESS: Living with Manic Depression