Book Marketing Plan: Part One (Tip #7)


1.  Give novel data/ Name, number of words, page length:

a)      Category of novel

b)      Publishers and initial run

c)      Publication date


2. Audience (Target your audience):    


3. Brief synopsis of book (small paragraph):


4. Distribution: 

a)      Examples: Access Publishers Network

b)      Associated Publishers Group

c)      Amazon.com

d)     Bookazine

e)      Consortium Book Sales

f)       Ingram Distributors

g)      Taylor and Baker Books

h)      Book Catalogues

i)        Independent Book Stores

j)        Chain Book stores

k)      Direct Mail

l)        Sales Reps

m)    Wholesalers

n)      Book Exhibitions


5. Other Venues for Promoting Books:

a)      Corporate and Charitable Outlets (sell and promote)

b)      Book Club Rights

c)      Book Clubs

d)     Home Shopping Network

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