Book Marketing Plan: Part Three (Tip #8)



9. Setup website: design well and link to other sites. Virtual Tours Track the hits. Newsletters.


10. Newspapers:

    a) Aim for free publicity in hometown and nationally by associating the arc of the book    and making it relevant to some aspect of society

     b) Doing the same in magazines and other media


11. Interviews:

a)      Newspapers

b)      Radio

c)      T.V.

d)     Magazines

e)      Literary Journals

f)       Local Newspapers

g)   Internet Promotion

h)  Colleges/Universities


12. Advertise:

a)      Publisher’s Weekly

b)      Kirkus Reviews

c)      Poets & Writers

d)     Local/National Newspapers

e)      Bookwire: www.bookwire.com         Majordom@bookzone.com 

f)       Links to Websites

g)      T.V./Radio

h)      Website for the novel

 i)   Book signing parties (bookstores/homes)

 j)   Flyers/newletters/tear-offs/postcards/bookmarkers

 k)  Visit Bookstores and do follow-up calls: (check position of book)


13. Reviews:

a)      Publisher’s Weekly

b)      Kirkus Reviews

c)      Nationally known newspapers

d)     Borders/Barnes & Noble

e)      Amazon.com


14. Workshops/Lectures:

a)      Workshops in hometown colleges and universities/Nationally

b)       Readers Groups

c)       Libraries

d)      T.V./Radio

e)      Organizations

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