Copyright, Frances Metzman, Reunion, 2018


It had taken Toni two hours to put herself together for the reunion with Caroline and Lana, two women who had meant so much to her in the past.  Until a week ago she hadn’t seen or heard from either one of them for sixteen years.  At first, they had occasionally phoned then e-mailed, and after all communication stopped, they lost track of what everyone was up to.

Studying herself in the mirror, Toni hoped she gave the appearance of success, confidence and a woman who had arrived.  In the last year an urge to meet up with the old friends had become progressively stronger until Toni got their new e-mail addresses through old friends and made the arrangements.  They all decided to wait until they met to play catch-up.  She wanted to show her mentors how far she had come from being an administrative assistant, a euphemism for secretary, at Scarducci, Adden and Drugers. The law firm had hired her straight out of high school.  Caroline and Lana were newly graduated young lawyers at the same firm who, unlike Toni, had grown up privileged.

Although Caroline and Lana had treated her well, Toni felt that she didn’t measure up to them because she couldn’t afford to go to college.  She always felt on the rim of their friendship.  Despite having been invited to both their homes on a couple of occasions, in her perception, she never entered the inner circle of their lives.  Looking back, she knew that feeling opaque in their presence was because of her own insecurities. Yet, undeniably, knowing them had been a life-changing experience.  She could now present herself as a person of substance.

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Book Marketing Plan: Part Three (Tip #8)



9. Setup website: design well and link to other sites. Virtual Tours Track the hits. Newsletters.


10. Newspapers:

    a) Aim for free publicity in hometown and nationally by associating the arc of the book    and making it relevant to some aspect of society

     b) Doing the same in magazines and other media


11. Interviews:

a)      Newspapers

b)      Radio

c)      T.V.

d)     Magazines

e)      Literary Journals

f)       Local Newspapers

g)   Internet Promotion

h)  Colleges/Universities


12. Advertise:

a)      Publisher’s Weekly

b)      Kirkus Reviews

c)      Poets & Writers

d)     Local/National Newspapers

e)      Bookwire: 

f)       Links to Websites

g)      T.V./Radio

h)      Website for the novel

 i)   Book signing parties (bookstores/homes)

 j)   Flyers/newletters/tear-offs/postcards/bookmarkers

 k)  Visit Bookstores and do follow-up calls: (check position of book)


13. Reviews:

a)      Publisher’s Weekly

b)      Kirkus Reviews

c)      Nationally known newspapers

d)     Borders/Barnes & Noble



14. Workshops/Lectures:

a)      Workshops in hometown colleges and universities/Nationally

b)       Readers Groups

c)       Libraries

d)      T.V./Radio

e)      Organizations