Copyright, 2018, The Early Bird Special, Frances Metzman

Cory stood on the balcony of her grandmother’s apartment in Miami Beach,Florida. She recalled how Ryan, her boyfriend of three years, had asked to come with along on the trip to visit her grandmother. Cory objected. When the time to leave came, he drove Cory to the airport and tense silence had rebounded between them. The pained look on Ryan’s face had forced her to look away.

She stared at the rust-crusted snow that had been plowed curbside on the streets of New York City. If Ryan had a temper tantrum it would have been easier to handle than his thick, suffocating silence. He dropped her off at the airport terminal with only a nod. 

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As Nancy moved around the room making last minute preparations, she exuded a fluttery nervousness.  Her short leather skirt clutched her shapely thighs, making each step shorter than usual.  She had the sensation several phones rang simultaneously, and she couldn’t decide which one to answer first.  If she didn’t calm down, Curtis would know he’d unnerved her.  They both knew her body language had always been an open window to her interior landscape.  She glanced around the room, trying to ignore the Christmas tree in the corner.  She hoped Curtis wouldn’t comment on the fact she was still celebrating Christmas in August. Continue reading “CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST”