When Women Become Insecure About Male/Female Roles.

A single woman I knew who is in her late thirties asked me if she should allow a man to carry her packages to appear more helpless. She had read a book on how to get a man, and that was one of the suggestions – appear to need him.

Another woman I know who is highly intelligent recently told me that men have to be manipulated in order to “catch” and keep them happy. Men have to feel adored and be the smarter ones even if they aren’t. She insisted that it’s up to the woman to create the illusion of male superiority even if the females are stronger. They must give the impression they weaker. In other words, play the game, otherwise prepare to never find a mate.

I responded by giving her my theory on the inherent problems this type of behavior produces. Here it is. At some point, it is more than likely a woman will tire of game playing and lose respect for the man she is manipulating. In order to hold on to the attraction she initially felt, she might begin to feel tremendous pressure to intensify the game. Although she started the relationship in this way, she might have hoped to bring him up to a level of maturity where she’d be able to back off somewhat. That usually doesn’t happen. A kind of mother/son relationship is likely to occur and, under these circumstances, she has become his mother.

She represses her own needs in order to cajole and give him unconditional love. Resentment can set in because she is doing all the work in order to make him feel superior. She might ultimately see the man she is manipulating as hopeless, lame and incapable of a stable relationship. Then she starts repeatedly try to meet him on a level playing field. Even though he might go along with the program, it’s not uncommon for him to see her behavior as nagging. She acted one way to get him now she’s changing the rules Although he might complain to his friends, he won’t stop it because he is the center of her world and her efforts are focused on him. It can develop into love/hate relationship that has no happy ending.





One is that we nurture everyone in our domain? — Don’t we not also need nurturing?

We’re responsible for everyone’s happiness in our lives.– No we’re not because everyone is responsible for their own happiness.

We must dress/have a certain look to be accepted.– Do whatever floats your boat.

Appropriate conversations for a female is demanded. — Baloney and not necessary. Speak your mind without hurting anyone.

If we have jobs/careers we are still expected to run the domestic scene. — We can and should demand equal sharing of a spouse or partner.

Divorce is usually blamed on the woman; she didn’t make her man happy.–  Everyone takes responsibility for their own behavior.

Children go wrong, mother blamed. — Who the was this Freud? Fathers as well as mothers must participate in raising children and share whatever happens, good or bad.

Women sandwiched between aging parents and teenagers (spouses will say why worry)? — Well, they don’t have to worry because you’re doing that for him. Ask for equal tasking.

Women are weaker, not as bright is a tired concept still embraced by the younger generation. — We don’t have to push our intelligence in their face, but we should point out when we do shine.

If a woman is assertive she’s too aggressive. If a man is assertive, he’s dynamic. — Well, time to dispel that.

Ladies, I urge you to release your creativity. Don’t be afraid to stand up, or be afraid of what society will call you. Go for it.